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About Jon Proby

An aspiring artist since childhood, Jonathan was self taught until the 11th grade with his entrance into Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. There he learned classic life drawing techniques with a focus on the figure which would become the foundation of his style for years to come. Returning to art after a ten year hiatus in 2012 and picking up a paint brush for the first time, every piece he has composed is one of a kind where the composition is mental, then influenced by reference material and finally sketched directly on the canvas before the application of pigment.


Exploring themes of metaphysics, morality, politics, history and religion, his compositions tell a story that when taken as a body of work, illustrates a movement towards Jesus Christ. Now at the age of 40 and a newly baptized and Christmated Orthodox Christian, Jonathan has begun an exploration into the sacred art of iconography. It will be an interesting journey indeed.

If you would like to support me and gain access to Private Q and A, art tips for those interested, an invitation to a private group for those interested in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and previews of upcoming art and icons

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